C1L-C5L Tensioner

We offer a C1L-C5L model. The C1L unit provides the least amount of tension. Each model contains a different quantity of balls and ball sizes.

C1L Contains: (1)5/16" Ball

C2L Contains: (1)5/16", (1)3/8" Balls

C3L Contains: (1)5/16", (1)7/16", (1)3/8" Balls

C4L Contains: (1)5/16", (2)7/16", (1)3/8" Balls

C5L Contains: (1)5/16", (3)7/16", (1)3/8" Balls

Stainless Steel Balls

We offer stainless steel ball bearings in a variety of sizes.


  - 5/8"

  - 13/16"


D-3 Threader
Please contact us for threader samples.
"OZ" Tube End Caps
For standard 2-7/8" I.D. yarn tubes

No. 60 and No. 62 Caps are a deep and tapered insert for easier application to damaged crushed tubes. They have a larger lip to shield yarn from the tube. Available colors are blue, red, purple, and clear. Please contact us for end cap samples.



  Outer Diameter: 3-7/8"

  Inner Diameter: 1-3/16"



  Outer Diameter: 3-7/8"

  Inner Diameter: 15/16"